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JAB High Speed ...

Product Feature:

1.The chuck has the two configuration of inside expansion and outside clamp.

2.When the pressure is interrupted, the chuck clamping is at state.

3.Can be mounted on the front end, in oder to reduce the connection plate thickness.

4.The collet doesn’t retract, therefore the working length can be normally controled.

5.It’s accuracy is with 0.01mm.

JHP-32 Single A...

Product Feature:

1. Maximum clamping diameter is 32mm.

2. Spindle run-out 0.01mm, Work-part chucking run-out less than 0.03mm.

3. High speed up to 3000 RPM.

4. Air/hydro actuator, The two-side spindle chuck is clamped at the same time.

5. High precision double collect spindle chuck, Simultaneous processing, 0 concentricity.

6. You can Install extension sliding sleeve at both ends to improve performance.

7. You can choose elasticity collect or flexibility collect.

8. High work efficiency.

YK3-L Vertical ...

Product Feature:

1. Patent-product, vertical type with baseboard.

2. Built-in cylinder structure, convenient for installation.

3. This chuck is applicable for machining center, driller and miller.

4. Two-claw and four-claw are available.

QK3-L  Ver...

Product Feature: 

1. Patent product, vertical type with baseboard.

2. Built -in cylinder structure, convenient for installation.

3. This chuck is applicable for machining center, driller and miller.

4. Two-claw and four-claw are available.

QZ3 Front-Load ...

Product Feature:

1. Note: the chuck is ventilated while it clamps or loosens, and its ex-circle is Clamped by the special seal on the distributing ring, so principal axis of the lathe should stop rotating when the chuck clamps or loosens.

2. Two functions of clamping and holding can be realized.

3. Two-claw and four-claw are available.

EC Series High ...

1. New chuck instruction, indexing and clamping more reliably. Indexing accuracy is less than 1 and repositioning precision is less than 0.01mm.

2. Index positions 8×45° or 6×60°.

3. The chuck has the clamping force compensation device, eliminating the influence of centerifugal force on clamping force during the chuck rotation.

RQ-B The Hollow...

Product Feature:

1. The structure is through-hole, double piston design, pulling force increasing, available for long shaft workpiece processing.

2. Lightweight, high speed, valve body by the special design, can make the compressed air consumption saving.

3. Internal components are using inbound ingredients, running balance, long service life.

4. Through-hole can be customized according to customer’s requirement. Please inject small amount of oil mist when using.

TK Short Throug...

Product Feature:

1. Ultra-short specifications, large aperture rotary cylinder, full-length only 2/3 of the original type.

2. Built-in check valve self-locking mechanism and pressure relief valve.

3. It can be locked by the back end during installation.

HSK SLA Side Lo...


Internet hole tolerance: H5

LD4  Serie...

LDseries vertical NC turret adopts the working principle of worm wheel and worm for driving, face gear coupling as fine indexing mechanism, big screw for clamping,sending signals with Hall unit. It features fast change tools, high repeatability accuracy, high stiffness. It is a popular product for economic NC lathe.

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